Men like the election as the election bags,Cartier Men’s Briefcase

Since its inception, Cartier will cling to select a unique color, texture and sheen of precious stones, and use it as inspiration to play unlimited creativity, to create a highly stylized work.Cartier Men’s Briefcase Lilies, morning glory and other colored flowers, already in the jeweler’s workbench bloom.

Animal possession in Cartier jewelry world in a pivotal position, facial shapes and precious materials each other, emitting a bright light. From its colorful birds, different species of birds companion,Cartier Men’s Briefcase to the puppy, intelligent turtle or parrots, and even cheetahs and crocodiles, Cartier colorful animal world. Jewelry masters with superb technology, a different volume, shape and material to explore and discover the true beauty of the most precious stones.
Cartier Men's  Briefcase

Bag, wine red granular grain leather, Cartieer embroidered cloth linings, Men’s essential weekend travel bag, specially designed for easy access to the goods inside the opening, can accommodate shirts, trousers, casual shoes and so on.

Double folding briefcases, wine red crocodile batch, Cartier embroidered fabric lining, Cartier using luxurious crocodile skin designed Men must briefcase timeless style.Cartier Men’s Briefcase Appearance voltage briefcase can accommodate documents and a laptop. Equipped with mobile phones and electronic organizers special bags, pens investigation, key rings, back with a zipper outside the bag.
Cartier Men's  Handbags

A woman’s life, always accompanied by a variety of bags, but these bags are always a reflection of a woman’s growth process and emotional experience, as if in our lives over the man.

Delicate texture lines of office furniture, decorative spiral very latest Roadster pen think on the same racing techniques decoration, shape wear cufflinks legendary turtle can not help but make people smile. Beige calfskin briefcase from polite letters to the elegant and practical frame, from the shape of delicate and elegant decorative pen to small horseshoe cufflinks, from casual to show individual personality sunglasses to distribute refreshing breath of Eau de Toilette, this set precious and decent work is Cartier father carefully prepared gift, become an inevitable choice for high quality of life.

Bird cloth when innocent flawless, like the young side he does not guess plain; to puppy love, fashion shops colorful bag caught our eye, as if the sunshine boy handsome youth; entering the workplace, dream locking preached every day in magazines big gorgeous handbags, they satisfy our vanity, as with the “perfect man” who looks fiscal queen envious eyes when they go out the harvest; until one day, Cartier Men’s Briefcase a successful career, a wealth of experience and full of heart, let us begin to understand their true needs, we know how to choose really suitable for their own package, which does not like publicity, but who very tasteful gentleman, mature, gentle, careful and considerate, he used strong heritage to support our success, with a good quality to bring out our light, and he will always be accompanied by side when we need.
Cartier Men Bags

In Italian, this man is called “Marcello”, the word now instead of the previous “Mr.Right”, European women now popular buzzwords: “Hey, did you find your ‘Marcello’ man ? “When two women friends meet, often this opening, perhaps because of this, the French leader in Cartier boutique newest female handbags, also named” Marcello “.

“Marcello” bag as “Marcello” man, that famous door, distinguished lineage, but did not put on a superior posture. It is excellent both inside and outside, the best in process excellence in brand leather tanning process, the texture supple dexterity, able to adapt to all parts of the body movement and posture. It is practical and thoughtful, large, medium and small capacity, not only provides a wealth of choice, its outer zipper pocket and two inner pockets, but also help us to put in place all the necessary items summarized. In addition, and many Cartier boutique, as it is restrained and understated details of excellence, whether it is a special double C jacquard lining, solid brass nail care package at the end of the package,Cartier Men’s Briefcase or Baoshen and zipper on the simple double-C logo, are revealed The top luxury brands pursuit of quality.

“Marcello” bag has just come out, it has been the subject of many international celebrities sought after stars, they are dignified elegance, independence successful famous women. They know what kind of life they want, what kind of man, what kind of bag, because they are your own master.

Paris Style Colors New Cartier C de Cartier Handbags

Mention Cartier jewelry you know it except watch outside, with the expansion of the brand range, which is more and more bags series loved by others, and in 2015 launched a n C de Cartier handbag. Fresh style of C de Cartier series of handbags, pastel shades interpretation of the brand logo color.

This bag is an energy stone and colorful stones as color inspiration, C de Cartier have amethyst, chalcedony color, pink crystal color, garnet, cordierite and turquoise color colorful colors, divided into two medium and small one size. Can commute to work, recreation correct, first turned to the goddess of the girls might be a. C de Cartier can be regarded as new Oh, so you hit the bag to avoid the vulgar, won a good reputation of good taste! Also, if you are a local tyrant, it might be one for each color of each bar, you can summon dragon oh.

C de Cartier Bags

Cartier is a prestigious jewelery and watch leaders, but we understand very little of it can be described as handbags, luxury handbags like price tends to make us amazing, they are like a diamond figure fashion circles, each with its unique artistic value, custom handmade, fine leather options, luxurious diamond jewelry with, so that a handbag is like a work of art. Want to enjoy high-quality luxury living thing? Let us look at the new Cartier luxury handbags.

For the elegant ladies, the luxury fashion handbags Marcello most fully demonstrated the unique personal taste. Marcello de Cartier launched a new series of limited edition models decorated with diamonds; black alligator handbag full build, with pavé diamond Cartier double C logo strap, noble and beautiful; in addition, in a large handbag to spend Cartier double C logo set with round diamonds, dazzling eye-catching, unique design and exquisite craft make handbags just like a work of art, it is amazing. Two models, the same luxury, the world’s limited edition.

Marcello also launch a series of rare treasure fur to create the style preferred python leather handbag with large white calfskin trim, white lambskin coat and long to build, together with the unique handbags python leather handles and trim, process refined and elegant. The new square Marcello handbag decorated with openwork corner ornaments around, oval handles and decorative stitching – can be free to fold for different occasions to handle bag, the same paragraph with a white alligator and python skin, bronze Hill sheepskin (also available in red, tan and black to choose from).

April 2015, the French palace-class brands Cartier C de Cartier launched a new series of handbags Its vibrant colors, in bright and beautiful spring under exude myriad Parisian. Are like a rainbow colored gemstones revealed, C de Cartier handbags delicate soft hue lines lively and generous, inadvertently reveals the elegant and vibrant femininity.

Cartier Bags

Fresh style of C de Cartier handbags, cheerful colors interpretation of the brand logo color. Amethyst, orange garnet, cordierite, turquoise, chalcedony and pink crystal and other shades in the handbag free sway personality, the metamorphosis of memorable jewelry color. The oldest tannery in France each with a perfect color comes from the meticulous process of hand-colored by a history dating back to 1803 to build one. This series of bags were seven kinds of colors, can be shoulder or hand.

Workers dyeing edge, with color or contrasting color stitching saddle stitch, Cartier stamping logo, leather interior lining …… Cartier C de Cartier handbags are all highlights from the inside to the outside top leather craft excellence.

Cartier Marcello de Cartier shoulder bag with an fresh and clean atmosphere became dazzling star college wind. It noble material, leather lining, studded buckle, delicate stitches and clever minimalist style, has become the perfect companion for unique classroom of life.

Cartier Handbags

The moderate size casual bags, available in red, black, tobacco color models, can be clipped to the inside of the shoulder, shoulder or hand may also be designed very practical, everyday wear companion. Configuring strap, large steel buckle decorated with two dazzling Paris peg, interior design has been carefully built, capable of storing all kinds of items. Marcello de Cartier shoulder bag to show the youth of college charm. The inside of the flip cover decorated with pleasing decoration double C, hollow fan corners and precious elegant leather saddle with rare cross stitch, tacking technology and hand-dyed material.

Cartier Marcello de Cartier shoulder bag with an fresh and clean atmosphere became dazzling star college wind. It noble material, leather lining, studded buckle, delicate stitches and clever minimalist style, has become the perfect companion for unique classroom of life. The moderate size casual bags, available in red, black, tobacco color models, can be clipped to the inside of the shoulder, shoulder or hand may also be designed very practical, everyday wear companion.

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Marcello De Cartier Series Bags

Cartier entered the store, the owner often went straight to the jewelry and watch counter cartier handbags sale, talking about Cartier bag, a lot of people’s reactions are “Well? Cartier as well as selling the package?.”

Mention Cartier, your mind first reaction is sparkling jewelry, beautiful jewelry, but if I told you we are talking about today but not Cartier jewelry bag, you should have a little surprise, Cartier There bag it? Yes, when you are still looking straight to jewelry and watches cabinet jewelry counter drooling when the stars were already carrying a big bag Cartier Mimi out to the streets, do not panic, which come to you science, to tell you the Cartier except with hands, shoulders back, like let you blingbling.

Cartier began making bags is actually a very long tradition cartier handbags, the knowledge you do not know it, but also from that originated in the early 16th century European royal nobles Dance will start. Bags will and noble, elegant closely since its birth because it was first royal ladies at the ball in Early in the history of modern fashion infancy, this exquisite object had access Cartier sight. At that time, the master Cartier jewelry production due to workmanship beautiful handbags and ladies of all ages, in order to craft handbags Cartier has continued down.

Marcello De Cartier Series

Cartier Collection in a collection of evening bags produced in 1906, Tongshen surrounded by a gold from the top of the mosaic decoration owl, eyes dotted with emerald, its vivid style cartier handbags on sale and exquisite mosaic jewelry, it is amazing . This is not so much a bag, as it said it was a piece of jewelry, because the work is too fine too beautiful, no wonder then aristocratic ladies would be so fond of.

Marcello De Cartier bags for sale

1820s, World War I had just ended, and forge ahead Cartier created the famous “Fruit Guide Style” (Tutti Frutti). On this period the design of a “Fruit Guide” evening bag, brightly-colored carved rubies, emeralds and sapphires great sense of texture and natural pearls, ivory enamel pavilions, various styles of gems in stark contrast, showing wonderful exotic.

1926, Cartier has finally established the first Department of leather goods, but early only accept customized package, and is to bring it to the jewelry as “foil” in.

Cartier Handbags

Such as this 1927 Cartier handbag, how much jewelry containing it, we count: gold, silver, cartier handbags sale mother of pearl, diamonds, emeralds, coral, agate, red and black enamel cartier handbags on sale, this last green leather obviously just a backdrop. However cartier handbags, this set off and they have to be as valuable to Chende from jewelry, all leather Cartier are looking for Europe’s most famous leather goods suppliers.

Such an expensive package, only the royal family and the lady to custom from, we are most familiar with a Cartier custom bag is custom-made in New York lady Barbara Hutton, she inherited much heritage, lifetime biggest hobby is eat, drink, collect jewelry. In 1961, when she was looking for Cartier ordered a tiger and a black enamel grain production emerald black leather handbag girlfriends gave Nina Mdivani princess, take this package last year exhibition the Grand Palais in Paris.

Marcello De Cartier Bags

In fact, since 1973, Cartier bag had not limited customization, but they are still in use as jewelry attitudes do handbags, in addition to the previously mentioned top leather fabric, the Cartier family of hardware accessories generally are like jewels Like fine.

Personal demonstration of the four big stars do not miss the hot models

As has been the flagship of the jewelry, Cartier bag propaganda on their own small, relatively speaking, the pricing is not too high. Actually, these bags are handmade Italian artisans France cartier handbags, the design is not bad street, some use is and LV, Hermes same leather, or highly recommended.

Big stars are all aware of Cartier, works good and the price is good bag big stars will not miss. Cartier chance to see several classic series of mirrors to know, Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie,cartier handbags sale YAO are rushing back Marcello De Cartier, it was launched in 2007 series, the most representative of the design highlights hollow design is classic, very graceful.

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