Ultra-Luxury – Cartier Earrings Eye-Catching Animal Shapes

Cartier works brilliantly, emitting a seductive glow. Diamond and sapphire brooch decorated with pink flamingos, precious emeralds set into tiger eye, to show the king of beasts spirituality, rings and necklaces decorated with emerald and sapphire eyes parrot feathers lifelike, with onyx cheetah fur and diamonds produced elegant and agile. Flamingo brooch lifelike shape.

cartier earrings the whole body is made of platinum gold, brilliant-cut round pink sapphires embedded in the wings section , colorful; eyes inlaid with sapphires, pink diamonds and mother of pearl inlay on the beak, nuances It was extraordinary. The main use of white gold and diamond K, onyx decorated with tassels, as the eye of the tiger with emeralds, black lacquer outlining tiger, show the night still tiger’s pressing British Gas.

Cartier Earrings

Hollow design, as if the Tigers through the layers of shadows as a cover, revealing eyeing the air cartier earrings for sale. Bird body made from white K gold, sapphire beads as the tail, brilliant-cut emerald set into the eye, mother of pearl as the beak, more agile and lively parrot. The same bird body and head made with platinum, brilliant-cut round diamond sapphire as wings, emerald eyes, mother of pearl beak, vivid parrot jump in the shape of your fingertips. With emerald and onyx eyes and fur production cheetah shape earrings, elegant and clever, minimalist styling cheetah, but not cut corners, perhaps when you walk around, a fine will also be moved cheetah tail.

May 24, Cannes. The world’s attention the 65th Cannes Film Festival concluded successfully. Every game on the red carpet film festival, all shining with sparkling stars filmmakers from around the world. • famous international actress Nicole Kidman attended by her movie “newspaper delivery boy,” the premiere of the day, specially Peidai Ka Cartier antique bracelet and earrings, filling the Allure beauty and elegance Cartier Earrings. Nicole antique Cartier necklace and earrings at the “newspaper boy” premiere red carpet. Neoclassical style jewelry, express a refined Nicole Kidman intrinsic qualities.

Cartier jewelry designers by virtue of their unique shape, superb technology through them to the perfect interpretation, showing they sometimes majestic, sometimes funny, sometimes shy or a gentle form of realism. Panther head hanging earrings, unique shape earrings leopard head, bite on your earlobe. 18K gold to create cartier earrings for sale, dotted black leopard, leopard onyx nose. Olivine leopard from the eye of the drooping tassel hanging polished links. Rhetorical style, bring out the ears of bright luster.

Cartier Earrings Yellow Gold

2012 Cartier is a micro film make you impressed? As the soul element cheetah Cartier has been a design inspiration, this group cheetah rings, brooches and bracelets make cheetah domineering and elegance filling.

The full weight of the ring, has a huge leopard head shape. Gold materials to build, decorate black leopard, leopard onyx nose. Angular geometric lines outline the contours of the face cheetah perseverance, his face is shining a pair of leopard olivine inlaid eyes. This ring is completely surrounded by finger joints, exquisite workmanship very very attention.

Recently, the 68th Cannes Film Festival held as scheduled in the blue sky of the southern French town of Cannes. France Chanticleer Cartier jewelry watch brand to create a legend full of wins style. Two-time Oscar winner Jane • Fonda (Jane Fonda) three times together, “king of jewelers” to the condensate extraction top jeweler Cartier Art works to attain a full graceful charm. • Jane Fonda in Cartier jewelry earrings and Paris Wave Series ring with hollow dressed in sapphire blue dress, appeared • Gus Van Sant • (Gus Van Sant) directed the film “Aoki original book Sea” (The Sea of ​​Trees ) premiere, invited to attend the next “Women in Motion” When active, the Cartier necklace fine jewelry and cheetah series of fine jewelry rings,Cartier Earrings and black dress complement each other. Jane • Square Dapeidaika Cartier necklace fine jewelry Reine Makéda step on the red carpet, from Mozambique 15.29 kt oval ruby ​​after extraordinary perfect to bring out the shadow exquisite style cartier earrings for sale.

Cartier Panthere Earring

Mother’s Day gift selection of luxury jewelry devaluation, Cartier Amulette de Cartier family occasion, with a lucky charm for the creative division, with a variety of warm sparkling gem, reflecting maternal glory, each coated with gold material natural stones, covered the opal, lapis lazuli, malachite and green chalcedony, etc., Yang Chu pink, green or blue, totally sumptuous and elegant beauty.

Cartier gemstone selection have insights, hidden sections sincere affection, such as alias “Cupid Stone” is a symbol of happiness and love opal, lapis blue, there are peaceful and healthy moral, as dedicated to the mother’s gift, loaded on Qiao extravagance of the red box, so that mothers feel once again received jewelry throbbing.

Amulette de Cartier series Jun elegant simplicity, the choice of Cartier Earrings pink gold, yellow K gold with colored stones, diamonds embellished with natural pouring elegant styling classic style, with her daughter to wear, nor was unexpected sense, the introductory paragraph of small necklace, rose Pink Opal and diamond inlaid gold, about 75,000 yuan.