Police Cracked the Case involved Selling Fake Luxury Brands Such As Cartier

July 27, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau released the news Chongchuan, sold together successfully cracked the case of counterfeit trademark goods, and arrested two suspects, seized “Cartier”, “Tiffany”, “Bulgari” “Chanel” and other brands of rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other commodities more than 70 pieces.

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Police investigation once again came to the jewelry store, “to buy” the rings, necklaces, loose diamonds and other items, a clerk doing on the computer when the sales order, the police investigation found that “Cartier” jewelry sales records on the computer desktop, they took the opportunity to ask, he says ready to buy “Cartier,” the ring as a wedding ring. The owner has completely let down our guard immediately said, the shop has “Cartier” brand rings, bracelets sales, and the price cheaper than the mall, and eventually remove the dozens of “Cartier” brand rings, bracelets, etc., for the police to pick.

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After obtaining relevant evidence, waiting a long time outside the police immediately. Subsequently, the police also seized counterfeit in the store, “Cartier”, “Tiffany”, “Bulgari”, “Chanel” and other brands of rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and other commodities more than 70 pieces. It is understood that the owner of a quarter of Kang and his staff in 2013, began selling counterfeit registered trademark “Cartier” and other merchandise. Kang said the brand they sell diamonds and other jewelry used materials are the real thing, even if it is difficult to distinguish between true and false counter. Sales usually by way of social promotion, consumers are all friends in social network introduced from word of mouth, with little direct foreign sales, it has been very subtle. As of the incident, Kang, who sold more than 500 pieces of counterfeit jewelry brand, with sales of more than 200 million.

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Business disruption weaker Cartier brand is how?

Richemont Group as the largest jewelry brand Cartier watch, over the past few years, with China’s consumer market has become the largest seller of luxury goods, since the six cases were complaints in China, Cartier quality and after-sales are worrying, brand weaken Cartier Love Bracelet. And with the luxury brand price boom, Cartier Amazon on price in Hong Kong but also to attract Chinese consumers, now Cartier personnel changes constantly, Cartier those years in the end is how?

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Feb. 8, Philippe Galtié Cartier international retail director Tiffany quit as a senior vice president of international market post will be formally assumed office on August 17. Coincidentally, on the 9th KERING French jewelry brand Boucheron’s new CEO is appointed from Cartier, Hélène Poulit-Duquesne starting from September 28 formally as Boucheron CEO.

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According to the analysis, the overall downturn Richemont and Cartier business disruption or continuous executives quit incentives. By the end of May, Richemont said it will implement a pay cut employee executive salary freeze, and in order to protect margins Cartier began an indefinite production from the end of last year, will reduce its Swiss Card Cartier watch factory located in the working hours of 230 workers working time to four days a week.

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Currently, the Cartier brand closed 2015 fiscal year, net retail sales 4.

According to some media that does not love Cartier investment and advertising, is now sluggish performance, should not die for a “face.” If the brand does not make a difference, so continue to widen the spread at home and abroad so that a large number of stores in China will be more reduced market hall. You know, Chinese consumers have become the world’s largest luxury goods market, consumer groups, but did not take place in local consumption to 30%.

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While Cartier advertisement does not love to vote, but the Chinese market in order to keep them in the second Asian Watch Fair “watch and miracle”, they launch a small complicated watches prices close to the people, a belt of small complicated watches sale price of about 70,000 yuan. This is compared with a complex watch hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of million, it is close to the people and cost a lot.

Cartier hope to take this to the luxury watch market share. Whether it is in the harbor with the price, or PFP small complication watches, most importantly, Cartier launched small complicated watches mainly for the Chinese market, the brand hopes to be able to borrow to launch cost-effective products to the weak market to inject a shot in the arm.

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Cartier joined the army the luxury price

In Chanel, Moschino and many other major brands in the Chinese market for post made a price adjustment, and a jewelry brand Cartier added to the price the army. Cartier watches began to cut prices across the board 5 percent in Hong Kong. Cartier will be the reason for global price recently classified as abnormal fluctuations in the euro exchange rate, which in Europe and Chanel prices, price price in China is exactly the same reason.

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Chanel from April 8 for the three iconic brand 2.55,11.12 and global pricing package shall Boy to Boy Chanel handbag, for example, after the price of HK $ 29,700, a decrease of approximately HK $ 8,000; Classic Flap Bag HK $ 38,000, down approximately HK $ 10,000. In addition, the Italian luxury brand Prada has announced its Asian region, including Hong Kong products are price cuts. French luxury brand Dior in Hong Kong also lowered moderately Miss Dior and Dior Soft Wristlet prices.

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April 15, the British brand Burberry has released the second half of the fiscal year 2014/2015 Performance Report and announced plans to adjust prices to stimulate sales in the Asian market, offset the adverse effects of exchange rate changes, as well as coping with industry rivals have been taken same move. It seems a luxury for the Chinese market has begun a new round of action, let us wait and see who is the next price!

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