800,000 RMB of the stolen property hidden in a safe Cartier watches

Gu boss’s house in Xiaoshan Kuala Lek. Fast 40-year-old man, a little family property, he put both inside and outside your house decorated super style. Ordinarily, Cartir Watches Gu boss still guard the heart, large amounts of cash are bank deposits, the family is also prepared with a loaded valuables safe.

That box, a Cartier watch, a Piaget watch, plus a lot of gold and silver jewelry. These add up to a total value of almost 80 million.

Cartier Women Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watches

June 26 morning, he was a business trip, just walked into the bedroom, sank half – open wardrobe, bedside cabinet mouths, safe gone, even the sheets are missing it!

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CLé DE CARTIER Watches On Time With The Key

2015 Cartier (Cartier) launched a new CLé DE CARTIER watches. It is an elegant posture, the “tight curve,” this new design elements into watchmaking brand, adhering to the essence of Cartier style, a double tactile and visual enjoyment. Its highlight is the case on one side, that is like jewelry, the shape of keys crown, and as a unique element name for this new watch. Attractive styling perfectly fit the wrist, easy to wear and comfortable.

Total is exploring Cartier stereoscopic design, highlighting the architectural beauty of the masterpiece. Brand has always adhere to highlight the modeling features in the design, distinctive lines and has created a unique look of the watch. CLé DE CARTIER watches are no exception. It is an elegant posture, the “tight curve,” this new design elements into the brand tabulation. Watching from the side, watch a circular arch, smooth smooth, seamless, ergonomic. Full of charm.
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Perfect shape fit the wrist, easy to wear and comfortable. This watch uphold the essence of Cartier style, a double tactile and visual enjoyment. Its highlight is the case on one side, that is like jewelry, the shape of keys crown, and as a unique element name for this new watch.
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You gently push the crown, it will be with a soft “click” sound. Like a key to open a lock. Behind the lock, perhaps after a century of US machinery, perhaps close the smile, waiting for you to go and explore. In fact, Cartier watches empire, it is in the watch pocket to build innovations.

Early 20th century, Cartier through three generations of the family brand into the heyday. This phase of soul – Louis Cartier, with its aesthetics and technology relentless pursuit, so Cartier watches development in the history of the world played a very important and unique position.
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Cartier design new crown has a long history, Clé de Cartier also inherited this tradition. Compared with the traditional cabochon or diamond-shaped crown, new crown considerable volume, allowing the finger operation more easier. And when the adjustment is completed, the crown is pushed back into place without hands will automatically restore a vertical position. When turning the crown and push it back into place, you will hear we said “click” sound.
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This gold production of the new Swiss movement and craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge technology, developed by Cartier master craftsmen personally, production and assembly. Its name “1847 MC” is not incidental income, this number represents the year the brand was founded. Movement diameter of 26.2 mm, with the case using the same design principles: simple and elegant, focus on efficiency. Movement with fast rotating barrel, greatly increasing the stability of the timing. Bidirectional self-winding mechanism using a specially designed system of levers, particularly robust and lasting. Movement in Geneva wave (Côte de Genève) modified with semi-instant-jump date display, power reserve up to 42 hours.

Chang Chen Interpretation Of the Cartier Brand New Clé de Cartier Watches

Whether Yang’s A Brighter Summer Day under the lens, or “best time” in lovers through three periods, also, or “great master” in the boxer Sky and grandmaster “The Go Master,” as the Asian film industry’s most One of a talented actor, Olivia self-break, daring to try new themes and characters, and to the extreme interpretation. As a creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier has always uphold the pioneering spirit, leading the first era, creating a series of classic styling count: square of Santos, rectangular Tank, circular Ballon Bleu …… while the new Clé de Cartier watches also Also smooth round design side, carrying the same brand of bold innovation DNA. This season, Olivia will be a new Clé de Cartier perfect show, bring “the best time.”
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15-year-old on the Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award nomination for best actor Zhang Zhen, face the vagaries of showbiz, remain calm attitude, the pursuit of simple rustic lifestyle. He said that his favorite places in the world or his home in Taiwan. He loves to climb in his hometown will be able to walk a few steps away from the busy city, surrounded by nature. He loved visiting the night market in Taiwan, but also love to eat fried rice dishes and braised pork. Halo slipped actor, he was the favorite among the natural looking self and inner peace Olivia. As simple and timeless Clé de Cartier watch, balance, clarity and restraint, to draw inspiration from contemporary architecture, simple and compact lines, and sketched out flawless minimalist profile. Block watch will “mellow” as a form of “elegance” of Italy, giving the feeling to fill the gap. Minimalist design aesthetic not only bring Cartier watch creation of a new inspiration, also revealed the essence of a life of minimalism: the brave front row but did not forget the early heart, advocating purely to simplify away. Like Olivia drama off screen, ease and live very self, although swords, but the interpretation of real life.

Zhang Zhen said, “Whether in the city visited exploration, or walked down the red carpet to attend the premiere, elegant understated Clé de Cartier watch design exudes quiet in the driving feel, with my personal styles complement each other.” Zhang Zhen from the inside out exudes a quiet strength and confidence of the gas field, as he to wear the Clé de Cartier watch, to eliminate all jumbled in annoyance, the embrace inner peace and strength.
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In this 90 seconds of the video, Olivia grandest Hong Kong city, living in the spotlight with a busy trip, with the heroine common search for some secret affair. Through a series of casual look, mysterious letterhead and a brief moment, when wearing a pair of Clé de Cartier watches couple in roof garden rendezvous, the climax of the story will follow.
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Clé de Cartier series since 2007 Ballon Bleu Cartier series was born another classic masterpiece. Inspired by modern architecture, the series with simple and innovative, simple outline, simple graph showing a simple tactile and visual charm. “Clé” in French means “key”, this series was designed in the new crown is like a key, reminiscent of the ancient tradition of using a key on the watch chain. The watch offers three sizes, including 35 mm and 40 mm watch equipped with a Cartier 1847MC developed a new self-winding mechanical movement, “1847” is not incidental income, which represents the brand was founded in the year.
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Classic Cartier Tank Watch is Always The Product Of the War Years

Cartier watches classic style blue balloon tanks and other series, we all know that Cartier is the beginning of a unique design only have a place in the watch industry. Cartier in recent years has acquired a lot of watch movements related companies, leaving Cartier watch competitive. Today to talk about Cartier tank series, this brutal war and have a close relationship.

Cartier watches classic style blue balloon tanks and other series, we all know that Cartier is the beginning of a unique design only have a place in the watch industry. Cartier in recent years has acquired a lot of watch movements related companies, leaving Cartier watch competitive. Today to talk about Cartier tank series, this brutal war and have a close relationship.


Louis Cartier with a revolutionary design to create a perfect square tank watches, there are American tanks French tanks and the crown integrated within the case, the re-interpretation of perfect symmetry, so that looks more smooth, more soft contours British tanks.

The history of human civilization has many historical events, there can be astronomical, legislation, geography and so the field, but we can never skip the war, whether war or World War II gave a heavy blow to the world’s people, people do not want to talk about war, but I do not want the memories eyeful killing scene. However, Cartier watch, but never won the war create inspiration, interpretation of the war for us from another angle cartier tank watches, the First World War the most powerful new weapon – French Renault tanks, inspired Louis Cartier inspiration with a perfect square to create a revolutionary design watches – Tank (Tank), after all the evolution, history continues to let the tanks continue. Next, let’s watch it at home takes you into the world of the tank.

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Watch Comments: French tanks TankFrançaise no American tanks TankAméricaine so slender, but makes the whole more harmony and balance, TankFrançaise watch more like a bracelet watch, boldly curved bracelet Case crawler central place, so watch even more gentle. This watch some bright spots among gold material, revealed a noble elegance, 36.5×28.15 mm case smooth and natural, geometric lines extending from the case to the strap eyes at one go, put Fo Tanke of Tracked armored vehicles. Through the sapphire crystal, the time to grasp at a glance. K 18K yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet with stainless steel folding clasp, atmospheric and beautiful to wear on the wrist. In power, equipped with Cartier 120 self-winding mechanical movement, water resistant to 30 meters / 100 feet, enough to meet the daily water needs.
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Watch Comments: Tanks in shape has a different place, compared with the Tank watch prototype models, American tanks TankAméricaine watch case radian larger and more slender. This watch is numbered W2603156, has 45.1×26.6 mm case size, thick wrists of the men in order to bring affordable it tough and domineering. K 18K yellow gold case, at the same time retain the rectangular case, interesting lines and geometric shapes, round and rectangular alternating. Through table mirror with silvered dial Glyph, track-type scale with Roman numerals, and more with a retro flavor. Sword-shaped blue steel hands, is a favorite of many people on the dial, elegant and chic, calendar display window at six o’clock. Octagonal crown set with more than one slice of sapphire, every detail of the Department to highlight the intentions of the brand.

Retro dial with brown crocodile leather strap, with natural texture, 18K yellow lily K Clasp ensure elegant wrist watches became among men and equipment. In power, the built-Cartier 120 self-winding mechanical movement.
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Watch Comments: British Tank (TankAnglaise) strengthen the Tank watch prototype models of features, and the crown integrated within the case, the re-interpretation of perfect symmetry, so that looks more smooth, softer contours. With silver stainless steel material to build 39.2×29.8 mm case, square case can show men’s style and gentleman. Nine angular crown set with more than one section synthetic spinel, low-key appears to the right of the case. Through the sapphire crystal, Roman numerals at a glance, calendar display window at the three o’clock position. Link coherent case and bracelet, polished stainless steel bracelet with brushed links, worn on the wrist and beautiful atmosphere. And with respect to the belt, the steel material is easier to take care of, not because of perspiration and odor.

Watch Comments: If three or more tables, you feel too formal, so this TANKMC watches, you can arouse your passion? TankMC watch is a chronograph, stainless steel case with a tough semi-matt black alligator strap, Case oversized, square sway broad bearing. From the point of view of the dial, silver guilloche dial with silver Glyph sword-shaped blue steel hands, 30 minutes and 12 hours counting symmetrically distributed at three o’clock and nine o’clock positions, timing pointers also used blue, and overall blend of style, up and down buttons control the timing function on both sides by the crown. On the power force, equipped with Cartier watch workshops to build 1904MC automatic winding mechanical movement, the watch gives superior performance, water resistant to 3 bar (30 meters). Through the transparent sapphire crystal back, the movement structure at a glance.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watches: Full of Dreams And Love

Cartier has a “king of jewelry” in the world, we have no doubt of its success in the jewelry area, but in terms of a lot of people still watch veiled criticism. In the development of Cartier, it has been maintained with countries of royalty and celebrities are closely related contacts and close contacts, and the dream has become a global luxury fashion. Watch House today for everyone to recommend three Cartier watch, feel the charm of the royal family. Cartier for its extraordinary creativity and perfect technology for humanity created many exquisite, unparalleled masterpiece, which won the “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings” in the world. In which Cartier blue balloon and tanks, especially the classic series, also acclaimed.Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Cartier was born in 2015 a new master craft masterpiece, once again witnessed the challenge between modern and traditional watchmaking skills established contact and face. Confusion between the tiny, filling flawless beauty.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 42 mm in diameter, with metal beads and carved mother of pearl Beringer craft flower decoration, equipped with self-winding mechanical movement, case in 18K yellow K gold to create, set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, the groove style crown set with a cabochon sapphire, and with the white alligator strap, showing the top technology Cartier master craft workshop.

Cartier blue balloon inspired by the human dream of flying and about to try: 1783 was successfully launched Montego Phil blue hot air balloon, it is the first human spacecraft. Break the shackles of gravity over a blue balloon to fly over the high turned into a cabochon sapphire table mirror side of the beautiful crown, carrying a mysterious beauty of the human race in outer space fantasy and eternal longing, and love to bring the endless power and courage. No wonder many couples are in blue balloons on the table to express genuine feelings for each other enduring.

Look explain edit Cartier blue balloon series Chronograph on classic contour, joined the timing of complex functions, in checkered black dial time scale at three and six, respectively, replace the classic counting the minutes and seconds with a small needle plate Roman numerals, date pane also will be moved to the next nine o’clock mark. Sapphire crown placed around a standard two-button chronograph, among press, the passage of time under control.Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches

Metal beads craft crafted, Cartier Cartier d’Art series of high-level watch can be traced back to make this first half of the third millennium BC, ancient and precious crafts, showing the new face. Cartier jewelryThis is extremely complicated, intricate decorative craft in the first millennium Etruscan (Etrurie) civilization reached its peak, his masterpiece is a world famous by the “Iluka Tria metal beads” (granulation etrusque) Decoration ancient artifacts.

Metal bead craft, is wrapped in thin gold cut a good high-temperature heating, until the formation of tiny beads, the whole process is like sowing gold “kind of grain.” Then, one by one, then the gold beads into the site to be decorated, and integration with gold base, in order to create a vivid three-dimensional relief pattern.

What could be more than a token unusual love more deeply, to convey his? Valentine’s Day 2015, Cartier We listen to the voices of lovers, especially love the Chinese brought exclusively available options. The brand new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier blue balloon on the table, rounded shape prophecy perfect happiness love pink pearl and semi-matte black dial, just a soft one, as different characters but affectionate dependent lover , telling the Declaration weekdays hidden in the heart of love.

Cartier has 160 years of craft tradition, called the historic masters. Brand works with bold ideas, distinctive style known, the relentless pursuit of aesthetics into force of technological innovation, so that craftsmanship can be sublimated, extraordinary artistic achievement. Cartier has always been committed to the ingenuity, to break the routine, challenge stereotypes, while continuing to enhance the brand of professional technology.

Why not use platinum? How to make a perfect fit clothes wrist bracelet? You can make pointer suspended in the air? Cartier succeeded in finding answers to these challenges: garland style, folding clasp and mysterious bell. Cartier to create a revolutionary new mosaics, has opened between brand new chapter in the history of watchmaking and jewelery, watches and clocks, jewelry and a variety of connection link, they complement each other, increasingly rich. 19th century, “quiver style” mosaics (trembling setting) born, Cartier With this special skill to break through all limitations, make diamond the free dance. Today the brand as inspiration, creating an unprecedented “dancing” mosaics (Serti Vibrant), highlighting the extreme femininity and modern style.Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches for white Gold

Break with tradition and make diamonds dancing freely in the wrist

Your new Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch is full of fantasy magic, dancing diamonds in the watch free, radiant, soft and delicate. Cartier to create a “dancing” mosaics has won a number of patents, given its delicate mechanism hidden diamond vitality. Diamond bloom vibrant flashing light, like resist tremors of the heart.

Bright light wave time constantly changing, creating a sublime visual feast. It’s incredible magic moment, jewel watch seems to be injected into the lively vitality, in the beating of countless diamonds quivering. This ecstatic Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch is equipped with 430 MC-type ultra-thin movement, called born femininity, designed specifically for Shangjian Concert magnificent treasures.

“King of jewelers” Cartier is a famous French jewelry brand watches, jewelry watches it produces products such as the favorite of the aristocracy, Cartier watch area done popularity is also growing, and one of its blue balloon has become the awareness and recognition of the very wide range.

Blue balloon series combines classic and innovative Cartier, Cartier blue balloons have this large round convex sapphire crown, streamlined case very artistic, highlighting the characteristics of blue balloon. Today, it is by the editors recommend three Cartier blue balloon watch.

Watch Comment: Dark brown dial W6920032 Cartier watches with integrated stainless steel and gold-plated bracelet case so watch very calm atmosphere, golden Roman numerals and hands also very good against the background of the Inter-gold watch with the whole watch very deep to get started after wearing elegant. Mature temperament so that each one to see this watch in person will be attracted by temperament. Three o’clock in the small calendar window has 30 meters of water, water demand can cope with everyday life.