Cartier Trinity jewelry tricyclic light

1920s, Louis Cartier to friends famous poet Jean Cocteau designed a unique and innovative Trinity De Cartier ring styling Cartier ring ring, three gold rings around each other together symbolizes: Friendship (platinum), loyalty (gold) and love (Rose gold), which is the perfect interpretation of the Cartier love for the eternal.

Cartier ring has become one of the world’s most prestigious, but also the source of inspiration and branding Cartier. Respectively, rose gold, platinum and gold crafted tricyclic entangled with each other, the impact of the times and trends, to show personal style and status symbol.Trinity De Cartier closely marked Cartier, the perfect interpretation of the brand essence, like a simple tender friendship, a symbol of future generations, show in the league on a given ring, engraved with a unique exotic, mystical fantasy and lasting forever new series, shape an extreme sensibility. The back projection, but exceptionally smooth front, leaving the ring wrapped around each other, instant and passing each other on the surface of the metal.

Cartier Trinity Pendant
Trinity Pendant

Cartier ring ring tricyclic admittedly showing French elegance, intertwined with nature and classicism. Tricyclic enter into life, no theorems to affect people of all ages.

“Everything is always with you,” a legend, a ring.

Beginning of the 20th century, Cartier family business gradually inheritance to his three sons Alfred’s Trinity De Cartier ring hands, which is regarded as the eldest son of Louis Cartier’s soul, is the talented designer, but also a shrewd businessman

Eighties and nineties of the 19th century in France, there are three young brothers laughing Checheng three to a world map, set rhetoric: grow up to own a piece of “territory”, and the family business, develop the brand.

The three boys, is Cartier’s third-generation heir – Louis , Pierre and Jacques , is now the Cartier family descendants Francesca Cartier · Brick and (FrancescaCartierBrickell) eyes, three “harbor a dream and strive to achieve their dreams,” the “Little Boy.” The last century, they are in the process of Dream, the Cartier territory extended from Paris to New York and London.

Cartier Trinity Barcelet
Trinity Bracelet

Francesca’s grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier (Jean-JacquesCartier) is the Cartier family of fourth generation heir, stick and last member of the family business. A few years ago, Francesca accidentally found a pile of old books family letter, recorded (19th century to World War I) until the beginning of the sale of the family business is completely within these 100 years, the Cartier family of four generations from Paris “Belle Epoque” heirs and family business story, but also allowed the grandfather in the last days of life, the family opened the legendary Round Table.

“When I found these letters, I can not think of any treasure go for these letters from my hands, they made me a better understanding of the great-great grandfather, I can see him growing up, developing Cartier, through war, injury, and found himself wife, married …… “” First Financial Daily “interview, Francesca frankly Trinity De Cartier, no matter what his last name is that these letters are an exception precious” heritage “, and as Cartier family descendants, these letters it and is also the most valuable asset.

Cartier Cartier family unrelated
In 1847, Louis-François Cartier (Louis-FrancoisCartier) took over from the hands of the master, especially street jewelry workshop located No. 29, single-handedly created the Cartier brand. In 1874, his son Alfred Cartier (AlfredCartier) inherited the management of Cartier.

Early 20th century, Cartier family business gradually heritage to the hands of three sons Alfred, the eldest son of Louis Cartier is regarded as the heart and soul, he is a talented designer, but also a shrewd businessman; Jacques went to London to develop their business,Trinity De Cartier leather El is responsible for developing the New York market.

“Their relationship is very close, although the three living, but almost every correspondence every day.” Francesca said that the three brothers still carries the same dreams, the same heart, love, hope to do everything we can to develop the Cartier brand .

During this period, also Cartier from Europe to the world heyday. Classic “Love” bracelet, “Trinity” ring ring and cheetah designs are born in this period, Cartier has become the British royal family royal jewelry suppliers.
As a fourth-generation descendant of Jean-Jacques, he was brought up by his father’s jewelry knowledge and education. Once, Trinity De Cartier bracelet when his father worked in the family to go skiing in Switzerland, suddenly to Jean Trinity De Cartier ring Jacques question “what a jewel before to create jewelry fit for the Queen,” Trinity De Cartier and asked his son to say why strict. After graduating from school, Jean-Jacques studio on Join Cartier from apprentice, followed by design director of Cartier and artisans to learn.

Top jewelry big CARTIER Cartier Taiwan’s first two floors through a new concept store in Taipei 101, in today’s Valentine’s Day re-opening of the Taipei 101 chairman Song Wenqi not only to attend the ribbon-cutting, not only wearing her husband sent her wedding 15 anniversary of the watch ─ Cartier Tank series, for this sweet holiday, she also chose a new store counters the classic Cartier ring ring, diamond priced at 375,000 yuan to give himself.

Cartier Trinity Ring
Cartier Trinity  Ring

With the Year of the Goat Chinese New Year approaching, the French palace-class brands Cartier warmth goes not only to attain excellent work, and more especially offer China alone sold blue balloon on the table, in order to symbolize the year round dial festive, with full color and outline Another year of fun beautiful.

Cartier Trinity Ruban series, tricyclic Embrace the earth’s most pure affection, friendship, Trinity De Cartier ring love tightly surrounded in a warm home. The vivid new Cheetah series Cartier bracelet and necklace, looks into the distance cheetah eyes tell stubbornly persists. Amulette de Cartier series will be on the passion and blessing his family into the lucky lock. Cartier LOVE Bracelet Quick lovers spend the dependency. Busy city life so that friends and family together becomes a luxury. Cartier Tortue and Tank Américaine series jewelry watches, elegant styling with gorgeous diamond inlay, so New Year’s Eve time together is no longer a luxury thing. Refined and elegant new Cartier red handbag, simple crisp Louis Cartier Series men’s briefcase, full of personality Panthère Wild de Cartier sunglasses series is able to go home bring hundredfold confidence.

Was busy developing the family business, has not established a family trust or otherwise “bundled” Cartier family in the fourth generation gradually took a different path. “My son Louis for business Cartier business and there is no interest, he can not wait to sell the US business, eager to cash,Trinity De Cartier although Louis Cartier’s development has played an important role, but it is a disappointing his father.” Francesca says .

In the United States shortly after the sale of Cartier, Paris Cartier business also will be easy to master. Francesca’s grandfather became adhere Cartier last member of a family business, however, this is just a family business failed to be passed along. 70s of last century, Jean-Jacques has finally decided to sell the business in London.

“It was a very difficult decision, the reason why the sale grandfather, one of the reasons he thinks the world is changing, people need to meet the mass market luxury, which means large-scale production machines. But he does not like it, his dedication to handmade, with the best technology, the best raw materials. But he also understood that to survive in the new world will have to make changes, when 70 years of the last century, no one can predict how the future At least at that time, in his view was the right decision. “Francesca bluntly.

Cartier family’s story, and not with the Cartier brand’s sale ends.
2000, graduated from the University of Oxford Francesca into finance work, he has worked in Barclays Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland, to embark on a road with the diamond and Trinity De Cartier jewelery industry of unrelated profession. Francesca’s experience also reflects the development path of other Cartier family descendants, in addition to her uncle had before Cartier family business involved in the sale of businesses, other people have embarked on a different career path.

Love, affection, friendship bloom elegant – elegant interpretation of Kwai Lun Mei Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series

Recently, after the success of Taiwan’s temperament actress Michelle Chen following the big screen, cross-border music, doing well, was “the year’s most popular Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions potential singer” honor. Sweet and elegant Michelle Chen, dressed in Trinity De Cartier orange oblique dress day festival, with the classic Cartier Trinity tri-color gold earrings, rings and long necklaces, the most beautiful symbol of human emotion K white gold, yellow gold and rose K gold if K also reveal her moving story.

Trinity de Cartier Jewelry

Symbol of family, friendship, love, tricyclic intertwined lingering, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series for us to outline the perfect sweet picture. Regardless of family, friends, or lovers, Christmas offer such a mind, are like winter Xuri heartwarming. In continuation of abundant emotion while diamonds adorn make Trinity tri-color gold series of jewelry to express the truth better by gorgeous. K white gold calm and Trinity De Cartier quiet, hot eye-catching yellow K gold and rose K gold sweetly, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series in the cold winter night to write the same oath with sincere truth.

In bright brilliant career, the famous Red Star Miss Zheng Xiuwen (Sammi) experienced many ups and downs, but still survived, his life story and never give up spirit behind moving. This time to participate in the filming of Cartier Trinity series, showing her usual hearty, very excited to have the opportunity to cooperate. Because Cartier is a centuries-old tradition has been the top luxury brand, and can withstand the test of years of time, the time to embrace the enthusiasm, the constant pursuit of innovation and creativity, never give up weaving a beautiful dream.

As Cartier classic, was born in 1925, rose gold, platinum and gold crafted Trinity, with joy and elegance of ring ring designs available, is regarded as the ultimate status symbol and a unique Trinity De Cartier interpretation of aesthetics. Cartier sympathetic, Sammi Trinity series was also attracted to the unique design, especially in admiration at Trinity series praised her life and experiences different beliefs: Adventurous (adventurous), Creative (creative life), Daring (aggressive) , Intellectual (wise life), Glamourous (gorgeous glamor), Caring (loving care). Each picture showed two images representing the real her, as well as personality and beliefs reflected in their reflection, to show her different faces, full of ideas to make the Trinity tricyclic new and exciting interpretation.

Trinity tri-color gold series: diamond earrings, diamond jewelry black necklace, diamond ring, rings, belts; Trinity Sauvage tri-color gold with black diamond jewelry ring

Trinity Crash tri-color gold series: diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklace;

Trinity La Belle tri-color gold with a diamond ring; Two for Trinity tri-color gold with diamond bracelet

“Trinity. All about you forever”

Sammi new interpretation

Trinty De Cartier Bracelet

International Chanticleer Cartier jewelry watch brand, invited well-known artists and fashion days Sammi Sammi Trinity take a group photo, and pours out his qualities and personality of faith in life, like the hands of a fingerprint, a unique, fully interpretation of the Trinity series of core concepts – “All about you forever”.

Love, affection, friendship – Three life most precious life emotion, mellow funky, colorful ring condensed to three staggered closely, along the journey of life. In 2011, Taiwan actress Kwai Lun Mei intellectual joined warmth, elegant interpretation of Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series contains a unique emotion, Trinity De Cartier Bracelet the love of family extreme sublimation. Leading Cartier jewelry tri-color ring with a harmonious blend, entrusted with the brilliance and beauty of life, recounting the years belong Kwai Lun Mei truth story.

Since the birth of the twenties of the last century, Cartier’s classic Trinity tri-color gold series will be like a messenger between feelings, passing you and me about love, family and friendship eternal story. The lens is inside and outside, outspoken vigor Guey Lun Mei and Trinity tri-color gold series works like one,Trinity De Cartier ring in soft tenacity, the transfer of the abundant emotion and energy. Three life identity, through three gesture portrait interpretation – in the face of love, affection, friendship, Kwai Lun Mei bursting out different aspects of beauty, but also feeling the life journey of truth go hand in hand.

Dazzling exciting and full of sweet love, and in this full color also can enjoy the different Trinity De Cartier Bracelet facets of their own digging. Kwai Lun Mei once wittily declared bluntly: “My love is bold, but love does not make sense, the girl’s mind, they understand.”

Of course, not all equal daring self-centered, Trinity tri-color gold series of dazzling light reflection due to its warm and more attractive. Kwai Lun Mei’s love is so sincere commitment to give gently. Guey Lun Mei said that he is very willing to give people rely on, “shoulder”, so you can give people a promise, Trinity De Cartier ring and that is crucial in love candid: “I believe in love in the process, two people close to the atmosphere of frequency to naturally go together, close to the heart and mind together. ”

Family: Understanding and rely

Whether in business or in life,Trinity De Cartier Bracelet the family will not hesitate to support and care for each other. High school with the “blue door” in the wonderful performance gains for the first time attention of Guey Lun Mei, practical to choose to complete professional learning French at Tamkang University, and went to France to study Trinity De Cartier ring for one year exchange. However, Guey Lun Mei in a career after graduation is inventive in, he took to become an actor. She had hoped to become a diplomat’s family members, but understood and supported her choice.

Guey Lun Mei has said that home for her, is a permanent and irreplaceable haven, like the Trinity tri-color gold series three-ring precious as gold and plain eternity. “Family is the most important in life to rely on. Regardless of sad or happy happy moments you encounter any kind of problems or setbacks on the road of life, can be truly and family to share.”

Friendly: understanding and moving

Trinity De Cartier

Kwai Lun Mei eyes of friendship, purity, casual, sincere. “And you can meet a like-minded, talk to friends, it is very rare valuable.” She believes that friendship is to share in the happy time to share the joy, listen to each other in sad times. Important moments in friends beside encouraged to accompany the soul just as with each other to rely on.

You can adjust the frequency to the consistent and close friends, Trinity De Cartier Bracelet often sharing each other’s feelings, understanding this treasured forever in my heart. Trinity De Cartier Bracelet Sincere friendship between the friends open to the extravagant tea, as Trinity tri-color gold series closely linked tricyclic, cuddling, never betray.

Love, family, friendship, Kwai Lun Mei brave with a firm mind watering converge on this beautiful three rings, a variety of blooming beauty. Trinity tri-color gold rings, bearing in your life, how will the complex and moving, with the portrait of writing a better life? Trinity, tell your story ……