The stars are cartier love bracelet

“How Far Would You Go For Love?” Cartier LOVE series gives the perfect answer. The heart of India, interlocking, simple lines, classic design decorated with pink sapphires, erected hearts eternal love. Cartier Juste un Clou series will nail into jewelry, beauty blooming of the most concise form. Stud inlaid diamonds, for this very personal work adds colorful fishes. Cartier C de Cartier series diamond necklace, Cartier classic letter “C” is the base to attain inlaid diamonds, eulogized the world to be pure and true beauty and love.

Love roses –LOVE Rose Gold Series
Love roses --LOVE Rose Gold Series

Chanticleer French jewelry brand Cartier love bracelet launched (Cartier Love Bangle) is one of the most popular celebrities who bracelet welcome. 1960 began with screw image famous Cartier love series, has become the world love the way the expression of many celebrities. And, with simple modern design, combined with love bracelet rich meaning, making it the world’s most popular contemporary jewelry bracelet is the brightest star favorite jewelry. Love bracelet with distinctive elegance and neutral temperament, now has developed into bracelets, rings, necklaces and other jewelry series jewelry.

In 1969, the Italian designer Aldo Cipullo designed Replica cartier love bracelet, He was fascinated by ancient history and moving stories, and find inspiration. Love bracelet design legends from the Middle Ages – the soldiers on the “chastity belt” will give their former battlefield wife waist on iron, in order to ensure their loyalty to the marriage. Cartier screw locking way to express love for love loyalty, specially created for couples to express love and devotion the cross of love bracelet. Western society of the 1960s and 1970s, replica cartier love bracelets is in the cultural, moral and political philosophy violent turbulent period, the prevalence of “sexual liberation” movement so many people have lost faith in love and life. However, the advent of this bracelet seemed a cool breeze blown everyone confused hearts, make people believe in love and loyalty again beautiful, once again found the strength to respect and trust. More significantly, “LOVE bracelet” has changed the role of jewelry in fashion, it is no longer just a vassal clothes can become shining alone highlights. Thus, a small screw, the achievements of a classic in the history of the world’s legendary jewelry,

Colorful Love –LOVE Colored Gemstones Series
Colorful Love --LOVE colored gemstones series

Cartier bracelet is priced from £ 4,450 (about 43,000 yuan) to 39,900 pounds of diamonds custom models (about 380,000 yuan) between the range, only to replace a screw in the price of basic models as much as 245 pounds (about 2350 yuan ), high prices and Rolex watches it together as a symbol of noble status Replica cartier love bracelet. This bracelet is unique in that it consists of two semi-circular composition, when worn on the wrist, made only with Cartier screwdriver to open it.

It is because of the Cartier love bracelet for loyal love unique interpretation, by the advent of bracelets couple who became respected symbol of love. Love bracelet special technology, the price is very expensive, which caters to the fashion celebrity couple’s love, not love Jiangshan love beauty Windsors would love bracelet as a witness of love, Hollywood handsome Tom Cruise is the ex-wife Kay Dottie Helms (Tom Cruise) sent a 18k gold love bracelet as a gift a new mother. When he was CEO of Estee Lauder Leonard express love for the brand spokesperson Elizabeth Hurley brought bracelets. Not only that, love bracelet has become a public stars of the best accessories, famous male singer Frank Sinatra, glamorous Hollywood star Joan test Linsi, Princess Diana, British actress Jane Seymour, rock star Elton John , American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and supermodel Rosie Huntington Hui joined Terri who attended the event with their bracelets.

Endless Love –LOVE New Charity Bracelet
Endless love --LOVE new charity bracelet

Designer Aldo Cipullo in an interview, said: “Love has become too commercialized, life would be nothing without love, modern man needs is a symbol of love, it seems semi-permanent, or at least need to be removed, after love It should display a symbol of eternal quality. ”

The clean lines of jewelry, designed by the brand LOVE series designer AldoCipullo. Commenting on the series, Cartier, said: “This symbolic jewelry manufacturing in the 1970s, the expression of a rebellious nature, and self-confidence.”

Uninhibited expression of confidence in the spirit of independence, highlighting the unique personal self. In the late seventies came the Juste un Clou, reflect modern publicity,replica cartier love bracelets maverick New York style, once launched on the widely sought after. Works sharp lines, will blend modern and bold ideas.

“Juste un Clou” – just a nail. Like a mantra, the nail turned into personalized jewelry, wearing really me, highlighting the unique. The series of the season and then a masterpiece, the introduction of new earrings works, the simple styling to nail surrounded by the ears, the lone exception bloom style charm.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watches: Full of Dreams And Love

Cartier has a “king of jewelry” in the world, we have no doubt of its success in the jewelry area, but in terms of a lot of people still watch veiled criticism. In the development of Cartier, it has been maintained with countries of royalty and celebrities are closely related contacts and close contacts, and the dream has become a global luxury fashion. Watch House today for everyone to recommend three Cartier watch, feel the charm of the royal family. Cartier for its extraordinary creativity and perfect technology for humanity created many exquisite, unparalleled masterpiece, which won the “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings” in the world. In which Cartier blue balloon and tanks, especially the classic series, also acclaimed.Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Cartier was born in 2015 a new master craft masterpiece, once again witnessed the challenge between modern and traditional watchmaking skills established contact and face. Confusion between the tiny, filling flawless beauty.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch, 42 mm in diameter, with metal beads and carved mother of pearl Beringer craft flower decoration, equipped with self-winding mechanical movement, case in 18K yellow K gold to create, set with brilliant-cut round diamonds, the groove style crown set with a cabochon sapphire, and with the white alligator strap, showing the top technology Cartier master craft workshop.

Cartier blue balloon inspired by the human dream of flying and about to try: 1783 was successfully launched Montego Phil blue hot air balloon, it is the first human spacecraft. Break the shackles of gravity over a blue balloon to fly over the high turned into a cabochon sapphire table mirror side of the beautiful crown, carrying a mysterious beauty of the human race in outer space fantasy and eternal longing, and love to bring the endless power and courage. No wonder many couples are in blue balloons on the table to express genuine feelings for each other enduring.

Look explain edit Cartier blue balloon series Chronograph on classic contour, joined the timing of complex functions, in checkered black dial time scale at three and six, respectively, replace the classic counting the minutes and seconds with a small needle plate Roman numerals, date pane also will be moved to the next nine o’clock mark. Sapphire crown placed around a standard two-button chronograph, among press, the passage of time under control.Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches

Metal beads craft crafted, Cartier Cartier d’Art series of high-level watch can be traced back to make this first half of the third millennium BC, ancient and precious crafts, showing the new face. Cartier jewelryThis is extremely complicated, intricate decorative craft in the first millennium Etruscan (Etrurie) civilization reached its peak, his masterpiece is a world famous by the “Iluka Tria metal beads” (granulation etrusque) Decoration ancient artifacts.

Metal bead craft, is wrapped in thin gold cut a good high-temperature heating, until the formation of tiny beads, the whole process is like sowing gold “kind of grain.” Then, one by one, then the gold beads into the site to be decorated, and integration with gold base, in order to create a vivid three-dimensional relief pattern.

What could be more than a token unusual love more deeply, to convey his? Valentine’s Day 2015, Cartier We listen to the voices of lovers, especially love the Chinese brought exclusively available options. The brand new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier blue balloon on the table, rounded shape prophecy perfect happiness love pink pearl and semi-matte black dial, just a soft one, as different characters but affectionate dependent lover , telling the Declaration weekdays hidden in the heart of love.

Cartier has 160 years of craft tradition, called the historic masters. Brand works with bold ideas, distinctive style known, the relentless pursuit of aesthetics into force of technological innovation, so that craftsmanship can be sublimated, extraordinary artistic achievement. Cartier has always been committed to the ingenuity, to break the routine, challenge stereotypes, while continuing to enhance the brand of professional technology.

Why not use platinum? How to make a perfect fit clothes wrist bracelet? You can make pointer suspended in the air? Cartier succeeded in finding answers to these challenges: garland style, folding clasp and mysterious bell. Cartier to create a revolutionary new mosaics, has opened between brand new chapter in the history of watchmaking and jewelery, watches and clocks, jewelry and a variety of connection link, they complement each other, increasingly rich. 19th century, “quiver style” mosaics (trembling setting) born, Cartier With this special skill to break through all limitations, make diamond the free dance. Today the brand as inspiration, creating an unprecedented “dancing” mosaics (Serti Vibrant), highlighting the extreme femininity and modern style.Cartier Ballon Bleu Watches for white Gold

Break with tradition and make diamonds dancing freely in the wrist

Your new Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch is full of fantasy magic, dancing diamonds in the watch free, radiant, soft and delicate. Cartier to create a “dancing” mosaics has won a number of patents, given its delicate mechanism hidden diamond vitality. Diamond bloom vibrant flashing light, like resist tremors of the heart.

Bright light wave time constantly changing, creating a sublime visual feast. It’s incredible magic moment, jewel watch seems to be injected into the lively vitality, in the beating of countless diamonds quivering. This ecstatic Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch is equipped with 430 MC-type ultra-thin movement, called born femininity, designed specifically for Shangjian Concert magnificent treasures.

“King of jewelers” Cartier is a famous French jewelry brand watches, jewelry watches it produces products such as the favorite of the aristocracy, Cartier watch area done popularity is also growing, and one of its blue balloon has become the awareness and recognition of the very wide range.

Blue balloon series combines classic and innovative Cartier, Cartier blue balloons have this large round convex sapphire crown, streamlined case very artistic, highlighting the characteristics of blue balloon. Today, it is by the editors recommend three Cartier blue balloon watch.

Watch Comment: Dark brown dial W6920032 Cartier watches with integrated stainless steel and gold-plated bracelet case so watch very calm atmosphere, golden Roman numerals and hands also very good against the background of the Inter-gold watch with the whole watch very deep to get started after wearing elegant. Mature temperament so that each one to see this watch in person will be attracted by temperament. Three o’clock in the small calendar window has 30 meters of water, water demand can cope with everyday life.

Abundant inspiration Cartier Tank watches 2015 new spring inventory

As a representative of Cartier classic aesthetics, this watch burst out of a strong masculine. Cartier Tank Watche, square watch sway broad bearing, coupled with small seconds disk design, Emotion blooming beauty and elegance. Bottom of the table through the sapphire crystal structure sweeping movement, equipped with Cartier own movement, polished fine, superior quality and reliable.

Cartier Watches

Case size is 34.3×44 mm, Case rounded shape and high brightness polishing, the light full color and moving. This watch is still the continuation of the classic aesthetic elements Tank series, guilloche dial Glyph inner careful description minute track, Cartier watches Roman numerals as Cartier usual fine design, so the disk layout looks compact delivered, Tank’s style will be perfect interpretation of the head. Crown set with a synthetic spinel, cutting the angular, the reflectance is also very good. Sited slightly downwards adjustment can be easily plucked out, I believe it will be very good feel. 1904-PS MC type of production for refined movement can be clearly seen from through the end of automatic oscillating weight equipped with a ceramic ball to increase the efficiency of the chain, a special fine-tuning screw balance wheel watch more simple and quick to make adjustments, and this table have stop seconds function to facilitate accurate on time. Cartier Tank Watche Movement of the grinding very detailed and beautiful, clear lines of 27 total gem movement, power reserve of up to 48 hours. Watch started outstanding temperament, Case soft lines, and more fitting after wearing the wrist, giving the impression that not the slightest sense of violation and.

Summary: elegant watch, wear highlight manly. This shell-shaped rectangular watch is called the design a model known Cartier watch very deep foundation, its variety of selling the world watch as people talked about their designs. This table from design to quality movement have performed well,Cartier watches  the price of 54,500 yuan, the cost aspect also, like you can pay more attention.Cartier Tank Watches

In the eyes of men, women just need to watch the gorgeous enough. But in the eyes of a woman, the female form also need to have meaning. Cartier Tank Watche Not experienced people may not understand the beauty of design, a designer to come to reflect women’s gentle temperament through lines, diamonds, decoration, the kind of temperament is not the only man who can be “beautiful” word to summarize. Design of the female form, it is necessary to understand what women eager to get inside, only to understand the needs of consumers in order to better achieve the combined work with groups. Even if the same design for women wrist watch, different brands will take different entry points and show the way, then, watch for everyone to bring home a few different high-end brands of ladies watches, different, different preferences Friends respective viewing it.Cartier Tank Watches
Cartier tank used to seeing the shape of ladies, you can use a fresh visual sense under this section CLé DE CARTIER watches stimulation, Cartier watches the French “CLé” means the key, the new crown looks exactly like a key positive. Watch the appearance of fortitude revealed a soft, no longer the case of sharp edges, smooth and rounded bezel, lugs were a soft cone, decorative side of a crown sapphire, gave every detail to wear bring a new feel. Through the sapphire crystal glass, carved guilloche pattern dial with sunray radiation effect, surrounded by blue Roman numerals, elegant and retro. Sword-shaped blue steel hands across the traces of time, calendar display window at the six o’clock position. Shiny pink alligator strap equipment was modern and dynamic, perfectly set off the classic elements of the dial, worn on the wrist effect must also very decent.

In power, the watch is equipped with an internal 1847 MC movement, whose name “1847 MC” represents the brand was founded in the year. Movement diameter of 25.6 mm, rapidly rotating barrel greatly enhance the stability of travel time, with half instantaneous jump date display type and for 42 hours of power reserve.

Cartier watches to push the new very fast, in spring 2015 and added several works. Cartier watch many subversive design has always been praised, which several watch is no exception, excellent design, the wrist can bring the wearer extraordinary temperament, Cartier watches attracting a large number of eyes.Cartier Tank Watche  High core-level Cartier reputation in the industry, which several watch movements both from sanding and assembly have a very good performance.Cartier Tank Wathes For Men

New Table Summary: This is a doctrine full of magical color watch, mysterious pointer suspended in the air to create a psychedelic visual effects, so all the audience breathless. Case diameter 42 mm, made of 18K rose gold, disk design stylish, silver-plated table dribbling sunray radiation effects, depending on the light excellent sense. Mysterious like rhodium-plated pointer hovers over the disk, create the effect of hero to belong to a chain mounted on MC 9981 type manual While this movement. The movement containing a total of 158 parts, which contains 27 jewels, power reserve of approximately 48 hours. This table from the appearance point of view a great breakthrough, the movement is also high, the public price of 434,000 yuan is not low, like a friend to a lot of attention.

New Table Summary:Cartier Tank Watche This series of new Ronde Louis Cartier watch is another classic Cartier, disk shape with Roman numerals Breguet needle blue steel hands, intoxicating charm classical elegance, a small three 6 o’clock needle and a good blend of the entire disk, calendar window at 3 o’clock is very natural and easy to read. Mosaic blue spinel cabochon crown and rounded case with well matched with luxurious and elegant crocodile leather strap, the watch on the wrist bound compelling. Watch equipped with 1904-PS MC self-winding movement, power reserve of approximately 48 hours, adapted from ETA 2892-A2, polished beautiful, outstanding stability when walking. This price of 138,000 yuan, the price is fairly reasonable for elegant wise men have success.

Love, affection, friendship bloom elegant – elegant interpretation of Kwai Lun Mei Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series

Recently, after the success of Taiwan’s temperament actress Michelle Chen following the big screen, cross-border music, doing well, was “the year’s most popular Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions potential singer” honor. Sweet and elegant Michelle Chen, dressed in Trinity De Cartier orange oblique dress day festival, with the classic Cartier Trinity tri-color gold earrings, rings and long necklaces, the most beautiful symbol of human emotion K white gold, yellow gold and rose K gold if K also reveal her moving story.

Trinity de Cartier Jewelry

Symbol of family, friendship, love, tricyclic intertwined lingering, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series for us to outline the perfect sweet picture. Regardless of family, friends, or lovers, Christmas offer such a mind, are like winter Xuri heartwarming. In continuation of abundant emotion while diamonds adorn make Trinity tri-color gold series of jewelry to express the truth better by gorgeous. K white gold calm and Trinity De Cartier quiet, hot eye-catching yellow K gold and rose K gold sweetly, Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series in the cold winter night to write the same oath with sincere truth.

In bright brilliant career, the famous Red Star Miss Zheng Xiuwen (Sammi) experienced many ups and downs, but still survived, his life story and never give up spirit behind moving. This time to participate in the filming of Cartier Trinity series, showing her usual hearty, very excited to have the opportunity to cooperate. Because Cartier is a centuries-old tradition has been the top luxury brand, and can withstand the test of years of time, the time to embrace the enthusiasm, the constant pursuit of innovation and creativity, never give up weaving a beautiful dream.

As Cartier classic, was born in 1925, rose gold, platinum and gold crafted Trinity, with joy and elegance of ring ring designs available, is regarded as the ultimate status symbol and a unique Trinity De Cartier interpretation of aesthetics. Cartier sympathetic, Sammi Trinity series was also attracted to the unique design, especially in admiration at Trinity series praised her life and experiences different beliefs: Adventurous (adventurous), Creative (creative life), Daring (aggressive) , Intellectual (wise life), Glamourous (gorgeous glamor), Caring (loving care). Each picture showed two images representing the real her, as well as personality and beliefs reflected in their reflection, to show her different faces, full of ideas to make the Trinity tricyclic new and exciting interpretation.

Trinity tri-color gold series: diamond earrings, diamond jewelry black necklace, diamond ring, rings, belts; Trinity Sauvage tri-color gold with black diamond jewelry ring

Trinity Crash tri-color gold series: diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond necklace;

Trinity La Belle tri-color gold with a diamond ring; Two for Trinity tri-color gold with diamond bracelet

“Trinity. All about you forever”

Sammi new interpretation

Trinty De Cartier Bracelet

International Chanticleer Cartier jewelry watch brand, invited well-known artists and fashion days Sammi Sammi Trinity take a group photo, and pours out his qualities and personality of faith in life, like the hands of a fingerprint, a unique, fully interpretation of the Trinity series of core concepts – “All about you forever”.

Love, affection, friendship – Three life most precious life emotion, mellow funky, colorful ring condensed to three staggered closely, along the journey of life. In 2011, Taiwan actress Kwai Lun Mei intellectual joined warmth, elegant interpretation of Cartier Trinity tri-color gold series contains a unique emotion, Trinity De Cartier Bracelet the love of family extreme sublimation. Leading Cartier jewelry tri-color ring with a harmonious blend, entrusted with the brilliance and beauty of life, recounting the years belong Kwai Lun Mei truth story.

Since the birth of the twenties of the last century, Cartier’s classic Trinity tri-color gold series will be like a messenger between feelings, passing you and me about love, family and friendship eternal story. The lens is inside and outside, outspoken vigor Guey Lun Mei and Trinity tri-color gold series works like one,Trinity De Cartier ring in soft tenacity, the transfer of the abundant emotion and energy. Three life identity, through three gesture portrait interpretation – in the face of love, affection, friendship, Kwai Lun Mei bursting out different aspects of beauty, but also feeling the life journey of truth go hand in hand.

Dazzling exciting and full of sweet love, and in this full color also can enjoy the different Trinity De Cartier Bracelet facets of their own digging. Kwai Lun Mei once wittily declared bluntly: “My love is bold, but love does not make sense, the girl’s mind, they understand.”

Of course, not all equal daring self-centered, Trinity tri-color gold series of dazzling light reflection due to its warm and more attractive. Kwai Lun Mei’s love is so sincere commitment to give gently. Guey Lun Mei said that he is very willing to give people rely on, “shoulder”, so you can give people a promise, Trinity De Cartier ring and that is crucial in love candid: “I believe in love in the process, two people close to the atmosphere of frequency to naturally go together, close to the heart and mind together. ”

Family: Understanding and rely

Whether in business or in life,Trinity De Cartier Bracelet the family will not hesitate to support and care for each other. High school with the “blue door” in the wonderful performance gains for the first time attention of Guey Lun Mei, practical to choose to complete professional learning French at Tamkang University, and went to France to study Trinity De Cartier ring for one year exchange. However, Guey Lun Mei in a career after graduation is inventive in, he took to become an actor. She had hoped to become a diplomat’s family members, but understood and supported her choice.

Guey Lun Mei has said that home for her, is a permanent and irreplaceable haven, like the Trinity tri-color gold series three-ring precious as gold and plain eternity. “Family is the most important in life to rely on. Regardless of sad or happy happy moments you encounter any kind of problems or setbacks on the road of life, can be truly and family to share.”

Friendly: understanding and moving

Trinity De Cartier

Kwai Lun Mei eyes of friendship, purity, casual, sincere. “And you can meet a like-minded, talk to friends, it is very rare valuable.” She believes that friendship is to share in the happy time to share the joy, listen to each other in sad times. Important moments in friends beside encouraged to accompany the soul just as with each other to rely on.

You can adjust the frequency to the consistent and close friends, Trinity De Cartier Bracelet often sharing each other’s feelings, understanding this treasured forever in my heart. Trinity De Cartier Bracelet Sincere friendship between the friends open to the extravagant tea, as Trinity tri-color gold series closely linked tricyclic, cuddling, never betray.

Love, family, friendship, Kwai Lun Mei brave with a firm mind watering converge on this beautiful three rings, a variety of blooming beauty. Trinity tri-color gold rings, bearing in your life, how will the complex and moving, with the portrait of writing a better life? Trinity, tell your story ……

Cartier LOVE Bracelet luxury jewelry, witness declaration of love

Chinese Business headlines Reuters Cartier This world-renowned French luxury brand, which was founded in 1847, it has been a century of history, has become a world leader in jewelry, watches and Cartier Love Bracelet accessories field. King Edward VII had praised it as “king of jewelers, jeweler of kings.” With the development of the times, Cartier innovative ideas and talent for design, for the world of luxury jewelry and watch design and write a new chapter. Among them, was born in the last century, Cartier LOVE series of luxury jewelry seventies, because witnessed many celebrities love legend and his wife, much favored by the world.
Cartier Love Bracelet

Weeding net fashion editor introduced Cartier LOVE series of luxury jewelry created the ultimate symbol of eachother, which is marked with screw rings and bracelets LOVE Cartier in the world’s most popular works, often as the most chic fashion lovers tokens keepsake. Such as weeding network now display 18K gold Cartier LOVE bracelet series to screw the “media” and with a special screwdriver to lock the two semi-circular rings of gold bracelets was to make a complete and successful, as if symbolizing the one pair of beautiful woman After numerous tests, and finally the physical and mental blend.

In addition to the luxury bracelet, the faithful can express love for the rich as well as Cartier LOVE series luxury ring. The same design concept is based on the screws, Cartier Love Bracelet the series is a Cartier ring all products in the most classic and most well-known one. Deep meaning behind it represents the moral screw love is steadfast, loyal love, two people be together forever. Thus, in recent years a lot of stars who, often luxury Cartier LOVE series ring as witness testimony two moments of love Declaration.

Cartier LOVE Bracelet Yellow Gold

Witness the happy witness of love. Weeding network as a well-known luxury goods trading platform, to meet the majority of consumers Cartier LOVE series of luxury jewelry favorite, is now the iconic Cartier LOVE bracelet and ring system class luxury launch. Those who love luxury jewelry can be found at weeding net to see the style.

LOVE Bracelet series as Cartier (Cartier) iconic jewelry, date of birth, to witness the legendary love of many celebrities and his wife and became the incarnation of love declaration. In 1969, Cartier jewelry workshop of New York designer Aldo Cipullo created LOVE bracelet, bangle decorated with striking bright screws, subvert the then existing aesthetics, became popular in the new element.

LOVE series as Cartier (Cartier) iconic jewelry, date of birth, to witness the legendary love of many celebrities and his wife and became the incarnation of love declaration. 1969, Cartier jewelry workshop of New York designer Aldo Cipullo created LOVE bracelet, bangle decorated with striking bright screws, subvert the then existing aesthetics, became popular in the new element. Another feature is required LOVE bracelet by two people work together to wear, very specific interpretation of the love of loyalty, but also cleverly exhibit linked to the meaning of love. LOVE bracelet elegant style and neutral temperament, and has since developed into a jewelry collection: bracelets, rings, necklaces and so on.

On the occasion of the festival of romance, Cartier offer the new movie “The Proposal”, the film by Sean Ellis (Sean Ellis) directed the short film shows the three sections of the moving love story — three couples experience in Paris an unexpected marriage proposal confession. Please login Cartier Youku space and Cartier watch official website. The first paragraph of the story, a pair of lovers in the Rodin Museum Liangxiaowucai garden expand tracking game, and the end of the game will be located in the famous “Thinker” at the foot of the statue. Heroine played by the new generation of actors Christa Theret. It tells the story of the second paragraph of host and hostess once again missed. In Paris concert hall hero chasing elevator lover, but time and again the elevator door shut, so they missed. French-Irish actor Oisin Stack and starring actress Ana Girardo. Finally, a story full of unexpected plot twists: experienced a loss of passports after a series of vignettes, the husband to his wife to marry him again solemnly. The couple played by Nicolas Bridet and Anne Charrier. Cartier in these three sections touching confession story to gorgeous jewelery box, intoxicating glow and brilliant diamonds interpret romantic spirit, develop their elegance and feeling of Paris.

Cartier Love Bracelet Outlet

The limited edition fine CARTIERI with top titanium production, the use of diamond cutting and mosaics. Bracelet with a unique “screw” design only with a special screwdriver to open by the couple, which means eternal love. Its design philosophy to the theme of love, the bracelet tied to the wrist lovers, love lock with a screwdriver, not a screwdriver, bracelets will not be opened; wearing this jewelry, just as the two hearts forever tied together. Its biggest feature is required to be worn by the couple of two people to work together in order to vividly interpretation of love, trust and loyalty.

The non-diamond bracelet minute drill two. Two each with a removable screw, other decorative screws (stones) Total 10. Bracelet is oval, inner diameter of 5.1cm X 6.3cm, a thickness of 3mm, outer diameter of 5.7 cm X 6.9cm, width 0.8cm, screwdriver handle head also carved fine “CARTIER” in English.

It is because of “LOVE” bracelet unique interpretation of love, which once they come immediately became lovers respected symbol of love, it is his wife’s favorite of many stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Sofia Loren and Carlo Ponti, Ali McGraw and Steve McCurry Quinn, Nancy Sinatra and Frank Sinatra and Diane Canon and Gary Ge Langte.